5 Ways to Keep Your Vehicle Clutter Free

So the time has finally come when you have to de-clutter your vehicle? If taking it to a local cleaning service is not an option then check out our 5 helpful tips on how to get it looking like new again.

  1. Cleaning. The only real way to get it cleaned up is to pull up your sleeves, get on your knees and give it a good old clean. You can do this in a step by step manner that makes sure that that the whole process will be as quick and painless as possible. Start by cleaning out everything that can be removed by hand including the floor mats and everything in the glove box also. Next, you can vacuum the seats, floors, and trunk. Afterwards wipe down the dash and console as well as the doors before applying a good quality wax or sealant. If you decide to clean the windows and windshield make sure to use a cleaner that has been specifically designed for this task as others might leave marks.
  2. When you are finished, clean the mats and put them back inside the car. After this, you should take a good look at what’s left to go back in the car to decide if you really need it all in there. Fewer items mean less mess and therefore a longer time before you need to clean the car again. Try to ensure that everything you put back has a place to be stored and that way you can also reduce appearance of mess quite dramatically.
  3. Most people will tend to pile things in the glove box and door storage bays but instead you should take the time to sort through what you put back and keep the remainder in the house. If your glove box is packed full of your service manual and your old SMOG certificates then these are worth leaving at home somewhere safe as they are not essential to the everyday use of the car.
  4. Another place that tends to be clogged up with random items is the trunk. Before you throw back in all those spare tools, blankets carry bags and animal carry baskets it is worth taking a moment to consider exactly what you really need. A good tip to help you is to look at each item and try to remember the last time that you actually used it or how often you have used an item since you put it inside the car. If the answer is either last year or I can’t remember leave it out and store it in the garage. While you have the trunk bare you can lift up the carpet and give the spare tire a quick check. To do this you should remove it completely to be sure that there is no rust on the bolt and that the wheel is free of any dirt. Next, you should check the grip is legal all the way around before checking the tire pressure is ok too. Before putting everything back, you can also check the jack and spanner are in full working order also. Now you have de-cluttered all the mess inside the trunk you are free to put everything back in a nice ordered manner and take a moment to bask in how tidy your trunk looks.
  5. After you have put everything back it is worth giving your car a once over to be sure that everything is neatly back in its place and that you haven’t forgotten anything like your jump cables or your cell phone charger.

This is also a good time to double check all the items you already put back in are really necessary and are not just going to be part of future clutter.